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With All My Love (Discovery Records)
"... With Cameron's horn providing a strong, Hubbard-inspired lead, the combo displays enough elan and orginality to hint at commercial potential, without stepping across the border into rock or pop fusion. A promising debut." Leonard Feather - Jazz in Brief (L.A. Times)

".... Led by Cameron's emotional and lyrical trumpet, "With All My Love" offers a range of jazz styles from the sprightly pep of 'Sunrise' to the tender, melodic title cut. The material is so strong, especially on side one, that its hard to believe this isn't an all-star unit. In fact, it is, but most of the world just doesn't know it yet." Cash Box Magazine - Jazz Album Picks

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A Blue Cornet (Cexton Records)
"San Diego is a pleasant earthquakes, nice weather, and it's also the home of trumpet player Bruce Cameron. He's been around, done a few things, and paid his dues. His band went on to become Fattburger, from which some great talent has surfaced in the solo career arena. Here is Bruce's stab in that direction via "A Blue Cornet". It seems that he is known for ripping up the clubs with his fiery, Latin style playing. None of that can be heard here. What he offers us is the flip side: ballads played quietly and introspectively. This is a classy disc that doesn't have a bad cut on it. Cameron has got the chops, to be sure and his material is right on the money.." Jonathan Berg L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine

"The latest release out of the chute from Cexton is a disc by a wonderful and talented cornet player by the name of Bruce Cameron. His new CD, called "A Blue Cornet" is a marvelous recreation of some of the most beautiful jazz ballads ever written. Bruce's sensitivity comes through on each cut as he makes his instrument cry, sigh, smile, and weep softly." John Anello Jr. Las Vegas Spotlight Magazine

Jet Away (JazzWorks)
"Bruce Cameron's second LP effort, his first for Jazzworks, sports a rainbow of contemporary jazz stylings, ranging from the emerging A/C jazz genre spearheaded by Spyro Gyro to more funky excrusions reminiscent of Chuck Mangione's ensemble work. Forgoing overly slick production, Cameron swoops and glides through some tasty chops, brandishing his cornet, flugelhorn and roster of fine guest sidemen like Patrice Rushen (on vocals and keybroards, Bob Magnusson (bass) and Vince Charles (percussion)."
Cash Box Magazine

"Cameron, a local name who plays a clean cornet and flugelhorn, acts as the point man for this program of ten works which offer a bit of fusion and some blues to the jazz..." Bill Board Magazine

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